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Default Velika sigurnosna rupa na Redhat/Centos?

Upravo sam dobio upozorejnje od svog hostinga sa sledecim sadrzajem:

I am writing you tonight to inform you that we have disabled access to port 22 (default SSH port) on your server as temporary precautionary
security measure. Our security team has good reason to believe there is
a root-level exploit in the wild for RedHat/CentOS servers as compromises have been reported on WebHostingTalk, Reddit, as well as on
our own network and at other providers we have talked to. There have
been a number of similarities in the attacks and that is why we have
decided it is best to block this port temporarily until the attack
vector is determined. If you require SSH or SFTP access, we can set it up for
you on an alternate port if you open a Grove ticket. We understand this sudden change is an inconvenience and interruption to your work flow, but we
believe it is in the best interest of your server's security at this time.

We are watching this issue closely and will be taking further
precautionary or preventative measures if needed. Again, we are deeply
sorry for the inconvenience. If you require SSH or SFTP access and you were
using it on port 22 (if you never changed it, this is what it would be) we can change the port and restore access for you if you open a ticket.
We will roll out updates as soon as they are available.
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