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Ja koristim hostmonser,
jednom prilikom (zbog http://savewikileaks.net stigne mi mail
Your web hosting account xx has been deactivated, as of 12/15/2010. (reason: site causing performance problems)
(problem je bio u nekom dodatku koji je generisao mnogo upita, da prikaže sve poruke sa twittera #wikileaks i @wikileaks )

javim se podrsci na chet, resim problem i posle par minuta je sve bilo kao pre

Reminder: The Terms of Service does not allow inappropriate use of our network for online storage. Please see "UNLIMITED" USAGE POLICIES AND DEFINITIONS for more information. Files uploaded in connection with your hosted site are always welcome.
Due to various causes, when your account grows larger than 30GBs or 50,000 files, our courtesy backup system no longer generates backups of any kind for your account. In order to restore the courtesy backups, you will need to bring your account below either 50,000 files or 30GBs. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

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